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A Boutique Investment Firm in Information Technology space with over $25M Assets Under Management based in Silicon Valley

Our Story

Silicon Holdings is a premier boutique investment firm with over $25 million in assets under management (AUM). We pioneered a sector-focused approach to private equity investing with the vision that a dedicated team of industry experts could build exceptional companies of enduring value. Since the firm’s inception a few years back with only less than half a million in capital commitments, we have been able to invest in over ten companies and has become a leading equity investment firm focused on the information technology services industries. Our portfolio companies are currently servicing Fortune 100 companies and governments including major financial institutions (JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, State Street), government organizations (NY Fire Dept, State Governments of CA, NY, MT), major technology giants (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon) etc. Our portfolio valuation is expected to exceed $100 million by 2020. Our investors have consistently received 15-18% return and we are expecting the numbers to go up in coming years. 

Why Us

We are investing heavily not only to be a major powerhouse in the $5 Trillion global Information Technology Services industry but also to be disruptive force in the IT services landscape. We are building the next-generation of IBM ($130B), Accenture ($125B), TCS ($110B), Wipro ($30B), Infosys ($50B), Cognizant ($35B) etc. right here in America. We are revolutionizing the staffing, onshore-offshore and contingent workforce management model with a concrete reinforcement of “Made In America” slogan.   

Value Investing

We strongly believe that our investment strategy and long-term value investing philosophy will significantly outperform any other short-term investment program in the market. Due to high volume of applications, we are only accepting accredited investors who are willing to invest with us and be our partner for a long term. A minimum of five year commitment is a must to get accepted into the program.  



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